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Welcome Evening


On Monday, 30 March 2020 at 20:00, the Welcome Evening will be held in the Poppelsdorf Mensa (Campo), Endenicher Allee 19, 53115 Bonn, to which all registered participants are kindly invited. Snacks, beer and soft drinks will be served.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet people in an informal atmosphere.

Please wear your name tag which you received at the registration. Access is only possible for registered participants.


Please note that all conference cloakrooms will be closed after the end of the sessions.


How to reach the Poppelsdorf Mensa (Campo):
You can reach the Poppelsdorf Mensa (Campo) either by foot (25 minutes walk, follow the yellow dashed line on the city map) or by bus. All buses start from the ZOB (Zentraler Omnibus-Bahnhof, central bus station), which is reachable from the university's main building by a 2 minutes walk. Take bus number 604 (direction: Ückesdorf), 605 (direction: Duisdorf Bf), 606 or 607 (direction: Malteser Krankenhaus). Get off the bus at "Wiesenweg". Alternatively, take bus number 601 (direction: Uniklinikum Süd), 602 (direction: Waldau) or 603 (direction: Röttgen Schleife) until "Am Botanischen Garten". From there, follow the yellow path on the city map, which is a 5 minutes walk.